Mar. 23rd, 2013

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Yeah, it's been awhile. Nearly five months. Almost forgot I even had this account.

Let's see... back at Christmas I got a few journals and a couple packs of pens. I'm using the journals for novellas and novels. None of them have been typed up though. Maybe one day... we'll have to see.

Also got a Kindle Fire HD at Christmas-I've been using it to catch up on shows like Dr Who, Torchwood, Buffy: the Vampire Slayer, etc. One of these days I need to type up the drabbles I've written for Buffy. But not until I finish watching the entire series.

The last few days have been rather dramatic though. My mother collapsed on Wednesday because of severe dehydration-she hates drinking water and well. That type of thing never ends well. BUT. It's a good thing she did, because while the ER nurses/peoples/etc were giving her fluids, they ALSO found the blood clot in her leg. Before it broke off and went to her lungs or something, in which case she would've died.

Since it was found so early, it can be treated. Thankfully. She's still not out-she was moved to a private room while the doctors looked for why she has anemia. Now, far as I know she's had since she was child, so no internal sources of bleeding and certain monthly things weren't the culprits. Anyway she had a partial hysterectomy several years ago, so no periods. But all the test results came back as 'Yep, your body's weird'. (And honestly? They've taken so much blood I can't believe she hasn't gotten a transfusion.)

She should hopefully be home soon.


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