Feb. 5th, 2016

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For some reason I've been writing a lot more porn lately. /scratches head/ I've got no clue as to why I've been wanting to write it so much so I've created a series where I can write it; I've been trying to include some world building as well, partly via the set up for each porny encounter.

I've also been using it as a way to write male gangbangs, since that seems to be one of my kinks lately-one male being fucked by several other males. Up to 30 or so in some cases. The one I'm currently using is a red-furred werewolf named Drake; I've written it so he loves being railroaded and loves being fucked several times a day due to his high sex drive. 

AND. Since I seem to like writing about pregnant males, he does get pregnant on a regular basis; he was able to keep one litter-4 cubs-the others were because he was acting as surrogate due to some mated females being barren. So the cubs went to them, though they were able to stay with him for a moon or so-werewolf packs are big believers in mother's milk. After that they're usually handed over to their new mothers; it hurts him but he deals with it.

He also keeps his milk-heavy breasts after each weaning because a few of his regular patrons love suckling from them. It's that or have his breasts get infected and all that due to the build up of milk. Hurts like hell and the only thing that really helps is someone nursing.

Plus when it's an adult doing it there's a reasonably decent chance of an orgasm. Yes, he's twisted that way; plus he loves being tied up, whipped, cut (he heals fast), and being mounted by someone in their wolf form. That one usually brings his most intense orgasms. He tends to be fond of nonconsent (since he can be taken any time by any male, no matter what he's doing at the time), someone using his collar to choke him and knives being used to cut him. Also exhibitionism and being filled by 2 cocks at once. 

Anyway like I said for some reason I keep getting ideas for the porn side of things and I can't seem to finish the non-porn stories. I'm so confused.

Well, I hope to be able to post NON PORN sometime soon. Monday morning at the latest.


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