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So, here I am again. I know, I know- I should be updating more often. Anyway, here's my 3rd entry...

Last week I was dragged to the beach. It wasn't that bad- the weather was good anyway. Let's see... I saw a pod of dolphins while there' we got there on Thursday and the pod showed up on Friday... they were still there on Saturday and we left early Sunday morning, so who knows if they were still in the area. OH. And I also saw a shark.

:D I don't know what species it was-- all I know for sure it wasn't a hammerhead. I was on the pier when it showed up. Apparently it'd been hanging around the area too. 

Other than that it was pretty damn boring. There wasn't much to actually do beyond walking the beach and sometimes be on the pier and see what's swimming. I had to babysit our two mini dachshunds whenever everyone else bailed (which was pretty frequent) and mu god, those two are such drama queens. The way they screaming and carrying on, you'd think they were being tortured- but nope. They just wanted to have their entire group/pack together.

(Though I think Baxter also wanted to be nosy and also visit the beach again. He loved watching the neighbors at the RV park and he LOVED the beach. Rascal just wanted to go home.- he's something of a homebody. Poor Rascal.)

What else... oh, been going over e-readers to see which one I'll get for Christmas. So far it looks like the Kindle Fire will win.

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