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2016-02-05 09:31 am

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For some reason I've been writing a lot more porn lately. /scratches head/ I've got no clue as to why I've been wanting to write it so much so I've created a series where I can write it; I've been trying to include some world building as well, partly via the set up for each porny encounter.

I've also been using it as a way to write male gangbangs, since that seems to be one of my kinks lately-one male being fucked by several other males. Up to 30 or so in some cases. The one I'm currently using is a red-furred werewolf named Drake; I've written it so he loves being railroaded and loves being fucked several times a day due to his high sex drive. 

AND. Since I seem to like writing about pregnant males, he does get pregnant on a regular basis; he was able to keep one litter-4 cubs-the others were because he was acting as surrogate due to some mated females being barren. So the cubs went to them, though they were able to stay with him for a moon or so-werewolf packs are big believers in mother's milk. After that they're usually handed over to their new mothers; it hurts him but he deals with it.

He also keeps his milk-heavy breasts after each weaning because a few of his regular patrons love suckling from them. It's that or have his breasts get infected and all that due to the build up of milk. Hurts like hell and the only thing that really helps is someone nursing.

Plus when it's an adult doing it there's a reasonably decent chance of an orgasm. Yes, he's twisted that way; plus he loves being tied up, whipped, cut (he heals fast), and being mounted by someone in their wolf form. That one usually brings his most intense orgasms. He tends to be fond of nonconsent (since he can be taken any time by any male, no matter what he's doing at the time), someone using his collar to choke him and knives being used to cut him. Also exhibitionism and being filled by 2 cocks at once. 

Anyway like I said for some reason I keep getting ideas for the porn side of things and I can't seem to finish the non-porn stories. I'm so confused.

Well, I hope to be able to post NON PORN sometime soon. Monday morning at the latest.

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2014-02-13 10:45 am
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Here be the prologue to my Sailor Moon fanfic

Prologue: Year 1999, 25 August, Wednesday

Phoenix Falls, Oregon


The girl huddled underneath a large oak tree; she was shaking near hard enough to pull something but she couldn't make herself stop. Part of it was shock-her right forearm was badly broken; her face was white-making the bruises stand out that much more-and her eyes could barely be seen because of the shadows and bruises in the surrounding flesh... though at least she didn't have any swelling around her eyes.

She had enough trouble moving around as it was. She'd passed out earlier for over an hour; had also puked just as she was... the girl figured she may have been lucky not to die via choking on the vomit but if she had she would never be here. Trying to hide from the people who'd been tracking her for the last few days-with increasing intensity for the entire afternoon today-... that took so much of her strength. Strength she no longer had. Thanks to her injuries and her previous collapse today... the girl believed she was at – or so close as to make no real difference – the end of her rope.

The only question that remained was how she went out. Either she'd cooperate with her stalkers – she'd seen the results of such things and they made her stomach churn – or she'd provoke them enough to finish the kill. That... that would probably be the better option. She would do much to avoid becoming one of those broken people-they no longer had any will of their own. All they did was at the order of whoever was after her-she'd never caught the name they called themselves, there was something about a kingdom and an old empire-though she just referred to them as the dark people, the bad people.

All they did was make people hurt, she thought as her mind grew fuzzy; the blackness nearly overwhelmed her and she managed to fight it back with a supreme effort of will. The effort left her leaning hard against the oak tree and panting heavily. No matter how much she tried she couldn't make her breathing quiet down-how could she hear the steps of anyone coming up on her? At this rate she'd be taken out-or away, she didn't know which-with no effort on her part to defend herself. What good is it anyway? She thought to herself, pushing herself off the tree.

The girl was able to take a few steps before she had to stop. She had to fight against the urge to pass out again; it wouldn't do any good and she would probably do worse harm to her arm. Not that it could get much worse... And she knew it could but she wouldn't let herself think about that. Things were bad enough already.... And there was no one she trust, no one she could run to. No place of safety for those who had to live on the streets, or those who lucky enough to have homes of their own.

After a few more moments she regained her strength and her balance, getting the strength to keep moving forward. But not for much longer if the shadows moving on her trail, closing in on her had any say in the matter. And the girl was so weak now...

Look for the next three chapters sometime in the next week or two (am currently halfway through the first chapter, shouldn't take me too much longer to finish it, I hope).
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2013-11-01 11:09 am
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So, today is the first day of National Novel Writing Month

I think I'll post my novel here, in this journal; possibly to my LiveJournal too, but... that thing's been inactive for years. On the other hand I still post comments with that journal and occasionally participate in communities, usually "What was that book" or whatever the formal name is. I'll do my best to update every single day.

*checks calender* So that should be 30 posts this month, + this one for 31. Let the nano novel begin, :D

That reminds me; I still have to post my other Nano novels/MS's, but... probably NOT this month; I have to focus on getting this month's nano out of the way first. Before I type up any of my other writings. Though... *ponders* I might be able to get a short story or a novella posted.... I'll try to have a novella up by the end of next week. No promises mind, and I have to go through all my notebooks and pen-and-paper journals to find one to type up and post.

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2013-03-24 07:44 pm
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Yay, Mom's back home. :) She seems to be doing a lot better. Still easily exhausted and has to take both shots and pills for the blood clot, but still... doing better. If I understand it right, the clot's getting thinner already- though it'll take time to go away, obviously; it didn't form just like that, after all.

Rascal's been so happy. He and his brother are mini dachshunds, and he's lost a couple of pounds in the last few days-so it really shows. He's a fairly healthy dog, he just hasn't felt like eating with his mama gone, you know? But since she came home he's been so wiggly and practically beaming.
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2013-03-23 02:08 pm
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Better late than never

Yeah, it's been awhile. Nearly five months. Almost forgot I even had this account.

Let's see... back at Christmas I got a few journals and a couple packs of pens. I'm using the journals for novellas and novels. None of them have been typed up though. Maybe one day... we'll have to see.

Also got a Kindle Fire HD at Christmas-I've been using it to catch up on shows like Dr Who, Torchwood, Buffy: the Vampire Slayer, etc. One of these days I need to type up the drabbles I've written for Buffy. But not until I finish watching the entire series.

The last few days have been rather dramatic though. My mother collapsed on Wednesday because of severe dehydration-she hates drinking water and well. That type of thing never ends well. BUT. It's a good thing she did, because while the ER nurses/peoples/etc were giving her fluids, they ALSO found the blood clot in her leg. Before it broke off and went to her lungs or something, in which case she would've died.

Since it was found so early, it can be treated. Thankfully. She's still not out-she was moved to a private room while the doctors looked for why she has anemia. Now, far as I know she's had since she was child, so no internal sources of bleeding and certain monthly things weren't the culprits. Anyway she had a partial hysterectomy several years ago, so no periods. But all the test results came back as 'Yep, your body's weird'. (And honestly? They've taken so much blood I can't believe she hasn't gotten a transfusion.)

She should hopefully be home soon.
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2012-10-25 12:35 pm

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National Novel Writing Month starts in about a week. I still don't have a plot and/or characters for it. o_o This is not a good thing.

Though I do have one potential story, even if I'm not sure if I can get the full 50,000 words out of it: a fan-fiction based on the Legend of Dragoon game. It'll really take off around the time you free the four Dragoon spirits at Vellweb and it'll contain flashbacks to the Dragppn Campaign of 11,000 years previous. It may contain interludes between each fight as the team rests and Rose is convinced to talk some of what had happened way back then- Shirley's not there anymore, and any of the remaining original Dragoons are not in any condition to expand upon the past. Not exactly.

Anyway, the story'll be mostly handwritten. I'll type it up either on Friday or over the weekend, then spend the rest of the week posting bits of it here and at my LiveJournal. If it all goes well, anyway. When writing stories I tend to quit after the first 1000 or so words, because I get convinced whatever I write is utter crap that should be burned and never allowed to see the light of day. Which is one reason I never put up any of my other NaNos... in my opinion, they suck. >.< One of these days I shall post them though. Just have to find the notebooks they're in.

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2012-10-21 05:44 pm
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So, here I am again. I know, I know- I should be updating more often. Anyway, here's my 3rd entry...

Last week I was dragged to the beach. It wasn't that bad- the weather was good anyway. Let's see... I saw a pod of dolphins while there' we got there on Thursday and the pod showed up on Friday... they were still there on Saturday and we left early Sunday morning, so who knows if they were still in the area. OH. And I also saw a shark.

:D I don't know what species it was-- all I know for sure it wasn't a hammerhead. I was on the pier when it showed up. Apparently it'd been hanging around the area too. 

Other than that it was pretty damn boring. There wasn't much to actually do beyond walking the beach and sometimes be on the pier and see what's swimming. I had to babysit our two mini dachshunds whenever everyone else bailed (which was pretty frequent) and mu god, those two are such drama queens. The way they screaming and carrying on, you'd think they were being tortured- but nope. They just wanted to have their entire group/pack together.

(Though I think Baxter also wanted to be nosy and also visit the beach again. He loved watching the neighbors at the RV park and he LOVED the beach. Rascal just wanted to go home.- he's something of a homebody. Poor Rascal.)

What else... oh, been going over e-readers to see which one I'll get for Christmas. So far it looks like the Kindle Fire will win.

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2012-08-27 01:03 pm
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So, I have some books, a journal and a pack of pens coming in the mail. I just wish they'd get here already- especially the pens and journal. Mostly so I have a place to work on fic and not be stuck in front of a computer screen ALL DAY.

I know I should update my Livejournal; when I do though-I want it to be with fic. Since I don't have any actually finished that's going to be hard, I know myself well enough that if I post an unfinished story, it'll probably never get finished. And if it's finished it's easier to update on a schedule instead of erratically, like I did years ago.

Anyway, going to babble a bit about my Phantoms fic. It's an AU Sailor Moon fanfic and takes place on the North American continent instead of in Japan. If the youma in North America never acted/showed up, these Senshi/Sailor Scouts would never have been 'activated', for want of a better way to put it.
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2012-08-26 04:53 pm

First post

In this new journal of mine. I saw the opportunity to create a free account here without needing to pester someone for an invite code and didn't wish to pay for an account if I didn't like it.*g*

Well, what can I say about myself? I read a lot, play video games (not on any of the latest systems... I hope to get a PS3 in the nest 6-7 months...), and am slowly teaching myself Perl. I knit and crochet sometimes, but not so much anymore. Takes too much time away from my writing.

Speaking of. I'm currently working on a long Sailor Moon fanfic called 'Phantoms'; if it ever gets done I'll be posting it both here and at my LJ. Outside of that fic, I love to write slash (usually in original stories though) and in the FF7 fandom. My main pairing there is actually a group- Angeal/Genesis/Sephiroth/Zack/Cloud (the last two are around 18-19 when they hook up with the first 3 in my stuff though).

Speaking of actually writing... in the last couple of years I've bought a few actual paper journals- they last so much longer than those cheap notebooks you can get during back to school sales! So far none of them have fallen apart- so I've begun using them for writing fic too. :D I'm hoping to get this one, this one, this one, and this one for Christmas this year.

So um... that's all for the moment.