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I think I'll post my novel here, in this journal; possibly to my LiveJournal too, but... that thing's been inactive for years. On the other hand I still post comments with that journal and occasionally participate in communities, usually "What was that book" or whatever the formal name is. I'll do my best to update every single day.

*checks calender* So that should be 30 posts this month, + this one for 31. Let the nano novel begin, :D

That reminds me; I still have to post my other Nano novels/MS's, but... probably NOT this month; I have to focus on getting this month's nano out of the way first. Before I type up any of my other writings. Though... *ponders* I might be able to get a short story or a novella posted.... I'll try to have a novella up by the end of next week. No promises mind, and I have to go through all my notebooks and pen-and-paper journals to find one to type up and post.

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National Novel Writing Month starts in about a week. I still don't have a plot and/or characters for it. o_o This is not a good thing.

Though I do have one potential story, even if I'm not sure if I can get the full 50,000 words out of it: a fan-fiction based on the Legend of Dragoon game. It'll really take off around the time you free the four Dragoon spirits at Vellweb and it'll contain flashbacks to the Dragppn Campaign of 11,000 years previous. It may contain interludes between each fight as the team rests and Rose is convinced to talk some of what had happened way back then- Shirley's not there anymore, and any of the remaining original Dragoons are not in any condition to expand upon the past. Not exactly.

Anyway, the story'll be mostly handwritten. I'll type it up either on Friday or over the weekend, then spend the rest of the week posting bits of it here and at my LiveJournal. If it all goes well, anyway. When writing stories I tend to quit after the first 1000 or so words, because I get convinced whatever I write is utter crap that should be burned and never allowed to see the light of day. Which is one reason I never put up any of my other NaNos... in my opinion, they suck. >.< One of these days I shall post them though. Just have to find the notebooks they're in.


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